Meet Debbie

Hi my name is Debra Dobat, I was born in Grand Rapids, Minnesota. I moved to Germany when I was 12. I lived there for 4 years where I met my husband. Moved back to the States for a year and a half until my wedding and have been married to my husband for 26 years and we have 4 wonderful children. In that time we lived in Germany, Australia, Colorado, Indiana and Florida. To say the least I have moved a lot.

I have discovered that I love the process of organizing and have helped many of my friends along the way. I have decided to put all that experience to good use and help others as well, thus the start of Declutter with Debbie.

I believe that everyone is unique and I am going to enjoy helping you make your life easier in a way that suits you best. So please call me and we can get started.


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